Erasmus+ Programme

Katowice Institute of Information Technologies was awarded The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020
Katowice Institute of Information Technologies is a private educational institution offering a complete program in IT for undergraduate students, leading to BSc in Engineering with specialization in IT. Since October 2011, the school has also been providing a three and a half-year undergraduate art course leading to the bachelor’s degree in Graphics with specializations in  
Computer Graphics Design and Multimedia.

In addition to general curriculum, the best students have access to  individually tailored programs. The courses and the degree are nationally acknowledged with the accreditation from the State Accreditation Committee. Also, we are a member of the Microsoft IT Academy, CISCO Academy and Oracle Academy.

We are based in Katowice, in Silesia region which is the biggest centre of economy, transport, science and culture in Poland. It is the main city of the Upper Silesia region and the centre of a metropolitan area of nearly 3 million inhabitants.

Katowice Institute of Information Technologies signed bilateral agreements under the Erasmus+ Programme with the following institutions:

Riga Technical University, Latvia
University of Aveiro, Portugal
Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics, Turkey
Firat University, Turkey

IT programme of studies


Erasmus+ Coordinator
Dobromiła Stano

Katowice Institute of Information Technologies
ul. Mickiewicza 29
40-085 Katowice

tel. +48 32 207 27 07      fax. +48 32 207 27 06

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